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For nearly two decades, web design and programming has been something that l am very passionate about. Ever since I'd typed up my first bit of HTML code I've been infatuated with learning new techniques and keeping up with all aspects of modern web development.

From layout and presentation, to backend PHP / database communication elements, to on-page and off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I am deeply interested in all dimensions of online development.

In 2005, after many years of creating web pages for myself and friends, I had decided to transform my long time hobby into a profession and established Coastal Web Innovations, a freelance web development & design shop in Coos Bay, Oregon. With this I was able to work closely with clients and help translate their vision(s) into active, well-designed web sites and help even the least web savvy computer users find ease in launching and maintaining a web site. Many of the sites l worked on and developed under the flagstaff of Coastal Web Innovations can be seen within the portfolio section of this site. You can also read a sampling of client testimonials to better understand the level of professionalism that l strive to provide each and every person l work with.

I feel that l work well in team environments, and look forward to working with a core group of skilled individuals not only to help share the wealth of techniques and knowledge that l have amassed over the years, but to learn and improve on my own skills and abilities.

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