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Rhino USA of Oregon - Site Redesign
Rhino USA of Oregon - Site Redesign / Rhino USA of Oregon LLC

Rhino USA of Oregon LLC Offers custom HDPE (Polyethylene) Manhole moldings that are distributed all over the United States. The owners of Rhino USA decided it was time to update their site, improve their search...

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Photoshop Tutorials, icons & web layout
Photoshop Tutorials, icons & web layout / PhotoshopForce.com

PhotoshopForce.com is the complimentary counterpart to the highly successful PhotoshopTower.com. This website offers 100's of unique photoshop tutorials, 1,000's of original designer downloads, as well as a great design community with over 23,000 registered users....

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Photoshop Tower
Photoshop Tower / PhotoshopTower.com

PhotoshopTower.com is a graphical design community built with the intentions of teaching newcomers to Adobe Photoshop how to utilize the program for quality design work. Even when it was a relatively new site, it grew...

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Oregon Wine Cellars ETC.
Oregon Wine Cellars ETC. / www.OWCETC.com

Oregon Wine Cellars Etc offers a wide variety of both unique and west coast wines. I was approached by the OWC Etc marketing director, who was interested in opening an online storefront for their already...

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Surf the internet safely and securely...
Surf the internet safely and securely... / ProxyBoost.com

ProxyBoost.com is a site tailored to those wishing to browse the World Wide Web with added privacy and security. It features a highly easy to use one-step field that is simply populated by the user,...

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Bandon Visitor Guide Online
Bandon Visitor Guide Online / www.BandonWesternWorld.com

The Bandon Visitor Guide is the online counterpart to the Bandon Western World's annual "Bandon Visitor Guide" publication. The picturesque Coquille River begins in the mountains east of Bandon. It winds its way through a...

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Mixtape Bangers
Mixtape Bangers / Custom MP3 Player & Sales tool

Mixtape Bangers contacted me for the creation of a remote MP3 Player using Flash and ActionScript 2.0 technologies to let potential customers listen to samples of the music available for download on their web site....

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Whee Teeny Dachs custom CMS
Whee Teeny Dachs custom CMS / WheeTeenyDachs.com

I was contacted by the owner of Whee Teeny Dach Kennels to create a custom content management system (CMS) to make the maintenance of the Whee Teeny web site as simple and easy as possible....

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Heather Hills Therapy Center
Heather Hills Therapy Center / www.HeatherHillsTherapy.com

Heather Hills Therapy Center contacted me to develop a web site around their Workshop based Stress Management Therapy Center, located in Coos Bay, Oregon. We created a unique web site for Heather Hills that displays...

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